Monday, October 17, 2011

Toys of the 90's - Board Games

Board games have always been a favorite toy for me - I guess it's my competitive side.  I didn't have A LOT of "toys" as a kid (other than about 500 Barbies), but I did have an extensive board game collection!

Hi-Ho Cherry-O
One of the first games I remember having was Hi-Ho Cherry-O.  A counting game that you spun the wheel and picked as many cherries out of your tree and put them in your bucket as displayed on the wheel.  Winner yells "Hi-Ho Cherry-O" when their entire tree has been picked!
Another game with small edible parts...

Pick Up Sticks
Unbelievable...a game composed of nothing more than colored sticks.  That not only brought in revenue for a company, but kept children busy for hours. 
five, six...pick up sticks

Guess Who?
Ahhh...Guess Who?...the game of "does your person have glasses".  I used to LOVE playing this game with my dad!  I cannot lie...I may or may not have changed my person a couple of times during the game once or twice.  
This is officially next year's Halloween Project...

Chutes and Ladders
This game used to get me all nervous and shit...the closer I got to the dreaded #87 tile, the more I panicked!  Now that I look back on the images on the game board...this was supposed to be a learning game for cause and effect.  Hmmm...ok.
I hope I land on #28!

Pop-o-matic was an amazing invention: it kept people honest and made losing the dice to a game impossible.  There's no way to get around the # you "roll"...even someone who has left the room will hear the POP if you try and cheat!
Trouble, Trouble...pop the magical bubble...

Other than Operation...Perfection was the 2nd most terrifying board game of all time.  If you didn't put all the pegs in their places before the timer was up, POP!  Everything pops out at your face.
Apparently children fly out with the pieces too...

Mouse Trap
Ok, seriously, did anyone actually PLAY this game, or just build the trap and make the marble go down it?
...cause I never played it...

Thin Ice
Seriously...I didn't have this one, but Laura did.  Thank goodness for one ply tissue paper...otherwise with today's tissues, this game would last forever!  Another ridiculous concept for a game that entertained for hours...or until you ran out of tissues.
another game that will scare the shit out of you

Ok, I'm not a girly girl, but I also didn't OWN this game.  Laura's little brother Lance did...and we played it (read: stole it from him and Vincent).  Object: shoot bb's at little discs on the "field" and make it land in your opponent's tray.
"Crossfire... you'll get caught up in the... Crossfire"

OMG, a board game that includes Play-Doh!?!  Need I say more? 
Who actually PLAYED the game...I just made bugs...and squashed them!

Candy Land
A classic...also an option for Halloween next year.
Lollipop Forest

Girl Talk
Ok, now we're into the mid 90's (umm...everything up until now is not in order...).  Anyone remember "Girl Talk"?
If you don't do the have to wear a zit sticker!

Mall Madness
Who doesn't love spending hundreds of dollars in the Mall with it all?  Especially with your QuickDraw credit card!!!
"Mall Madness, it's the mall with it all!

Dream Phone
"You're right, I really like you!" were the words you always wanted to hear with this game!  I love that all the numbers started with a 555...and that you always hoped that it wasn't Phil or Jason who was crushin' on you.  
Dan, Dan, Dan My Man!

Ok, so that's my list of some of the board games I loved as a kid.  Next up...Toys...just plain Toys.

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